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About Us

About Us

A deodorant that conceals and color corrects? You’re kidding, who would need that? You’d be surprised but the co-founders of Joban beauty do. They found no solution to their discolored underarms, and upon digging and googling, they found so many more women were complaining of the same. Yes, there are many long-term solutions to help alleviate this issue, but no short-term fix. That’s when they had their aha moment. This Sister, Founder Duo we’re destined to create the solution, Coverant! a deodorANT that COVERs up (get it?)


Joban beauty found the fix that can be used by women everywhere. This is the Founder Duo Sisters’ first venture in the beauty industry, having both come from a quality assurance background. Why the change, you might ask? It’s actually not as different as you might think. They have a passion for testing, what quality assurance is all about, of course. But rather than being handed a product to test this time around, they created one from scratch in the hopes of helping women everywhere suffering from this very common underarm problem. To say these sisters epitomize the idea of power soul sisters is an understatement. They complement one another in a way others can only imagine, professionally and personally, having started this company and raised Sharan’s two kids together for some time. Taran, 10, and Daya, 5, have brought so much joy to their lives and they’re a large part of the reason the sisters work as hard as they do. 


Not only do these sisters aim to provide a quality product, they hope to do so while also promoting a cleaner lifestyle. So much of the time, focusing on all the chemicals that are in the products we put on our skin is low on the priority list, because if the product works, it works. It’s so hard to find that in the first place, so no need to stress about what else is going on, right? Wrong. There are too many risks involved in that. Sharan and Sati are coming at the beauty industry with a unique perspective, though. Sharan’s son, Taran, is afflicted with non-verbal autism. His entire life, they’ve been more thoughtful as consumers, constantly reviewing ingredients and avoiding unnecessary and potentially harmful chemicals. They want to keep that clean lifestyle going and share it with the introduction of their product


Feel free to say hi at JobanBeauty@gmail.com