How to Keep Dark Armpits Under Control With This Simple Routine

How to Keep Dark Armpits Under Control With This Simple Routine

Armpit discoloration can send you to the moon and back just to find a cure or suitable treatment. 

From the topical application of fruit juices to laser-based procedures, you can get lost trying to find the right fix. 

But what if we told you that you can address dark armpits in just 15 minutes or less? 

A simple tweak in your personal care routine may be all your need to rid your armpits of discoloration. We’ll highlight a few simple skincare practices you should try to keep those underarms evenly toned.

How Your Personal Care Routine Can Address Armpit Discoloration 

Let’s quickly revisit some of the things that cause dark armpits in the first place. 

Certain conditions such as Type 2 diabetes, medications or hormonal changes can lead to armpit discoloration. Other factors such as genetics or skin color (darker complexions are at greater risk), can make you more prone to the condition, as well.

However, the wrong personal care habits or products are often to blame when a case of dark armpits arises. 

For example, shaving and deodorants can irritate the skin due to their chemical makeup (deodorants), or shaving too much. For many women, the irritation appears as a rash, but for others, it leads to discoloration. 

There’s also the issue of dead skin cells. A buildup of dead skin cells increases pigment production in affected areas, causing the skin tone in that region to darken. Some areas on the body are more sensitive to this process, and the armpits are one of them. 

What does this mean for you? 

If you’re affected by dark armpits, you might need to adjust your personal care routine by adding in a few steps. For simplicity’s sake, we’ll break down our recommended routine into four steps - cleansing, exfoliation, moisturizing, and concealing.  

1. Cleanse

We’re going to assume that you do this already because you’re a goddess who doesn’t need to be told about good hygiene! Nevertheless, we’ll emphasize the importance of using the right products, namely, a moisturizing body wash. 

It goes without saying that a good body wash eliminates toxins and bacteria that may contribute to dark armpits. 

Additionally, you want to use a body wash that doesn’t strip the skin of vital proteins and lipids. These proteins and lipids protect the skin’s barrier and keep it moist, which helps you maintain a healthy skin tone that’s free of discoloration. 

To start, look for a soap that says “Deep Moisture” on the bottle. Of course, if you have a skin condition or very sensitive skin, speak to a dermatologist who can recommend the right body wash for you.  

2. Exfoliate

Remember how we talked about dead skin cells accumulating under the armpits? As unsettling as it sounds, it happens. Especially when you shave and apply deodorant for years but don’t remove those skin cells. 

That’s where exfoliation comes in. Exfoliation removes the buildup of dead skin cells and once that happens, the output of pigment in the area will decrease. As a result, your armpits will start to lighten up and return to its natural tone. 

You can exfoliate your armpits with a specialized body exfoliant and a washcloth (or scrub) to remove the dead cells. Ideally, you should do this before you shave your armpits. 

As a final note of caution here, make sure to be gentle since the armpits are very sensitive. 

3. Moisturize

Whether its friction from your razor or chemicals from your soap, your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation. Irritated skin tends to break out more and for many women, irritated skin darkens, especially in areas such as the armpits. 

Fortunately, a moisturizer can do wonders for irritated skin since razors and soaps often dry out the skin. 

Before shaving, you should use a soap that’s formulated for sensitive skin (as well as shaving cream). 

After you shave, you should apply a moisturizing lotion to reduce the irritation that razor blades may cause.

4. Conceal

The three steps mentioned above treat armpit darkness at the root. 

However, it takes time before the discoloration disappears by itself and its important to be realistic about the time it takes to eliminate armpit darkness. 

That’s where a deodorant concealer comes in handy. 

A deodorant plus concealer will mask the excess pigmentation much like concealer for facial blemishes. 

Our Joban Beauty product is a deodorant and concealer, made with natural ingredients and offering long-lasting odor protection while masking armpit discoloration. 

Deordorant Concealer

How does it work?

Just dab the product onto your underarms and blend. After letting it sit for 1-2 minutes, the concealer will start to hide the discoloration. 

Voila! The darkness is hidden. For additional coverage, you can add and blend until you see the desired coverage. Then you’re ready to go! Click here for more details

A Treatment for Dark Armpits Made Simple 

There’s a lot of advice out there to treat dark armpits, some of which may involve unpleasant or expensive procedures. They include the likes of skin bleaching and laser surgery among others. While the choice of treatment you choose is completely up to you, we believe in simplicity. 

After all, why should you spend tons of money, endure discomfort or resort to unnatural methods to brighten your armpits?

By following the simple four-step procedure above, the discoloration will disappear over time. 

For now, you can use our deodorant concealer to mask armpit discoloration, meaning you can wear those sleeveless dresses and lift your arms without ever feeling self-conscious again!

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