How Does Our Deodorant + Concealer Really Work?

How Does Our Deodorant + Concealer Really Work?

Yikes! Discoloration! You’re gorgeous, your dress is perfect and your hair is just how you want it to look. You’re ready to go. It’s only after you brush through your long locks one more time, do you lift your arm and see it: discoloration.

You’re not alone. You’re with the rest of us women trying to find a brilliant “hack” of how to hide armpit discolouration, and looking for a deodorant or concealer that will minimize the darkness. 

Pretty soon, you’re mixing deodorant and makeup yourself, into a paste that doesn’t do anything you wanted. In fact, this concoction you’ve made is on that great dress, and you can see your hair starting to curl where the sweat has started to form on your brow. Not to mention the sweat on your armpits, just melting your DIY paste further into that great dress... 

We know you’re a creator, a mover and a shaker, but there’s no need for this. We’ve got you covered. Literally. 

Joban is a product created by women for women, who know what armpit discolouration can do to your confidence. Which is why we’ve developed a product that matches a deodorant and concealer into one winning formula.

What Makes Joban Different


We said it above, our dedication to hiding armpit discoloration means we’re willing to create and tolerate a mixture of a streaky antiperspirant and our favourite concealer and foundation. 

But for those who have done it, you know that the concealer ruins clothes, the antiperspirant rubs away, and by the end of the day or night, you’ve ruined a blouse, a dress, maybe a friendship (well, maybe not the last one).

Which is where Joban comes in. 

Our formula is one we’re proud of, and we’ve taken the time to ensure it’s:

  • Non-transferable: No clothes, designer couture or favourite undergarments are harmed in the wearing of this deodorant.
  • Sweatproof: Life may throw things your way, but even when you sweat the details, you don’t have to sweat that your deodorant is gone.
  • Water-resistant: Again, no sweat is what we’re all about! Keeping you dry and armpit discoloration hidden is what makes Joban work for you.
  • Inclusive skin tones: We offer 5 shades that blend and adjust to your skin tone, so every type of woman can experience the beauty of Joban, and the bliss of underarms covered.

But How Does it Work?

No need to think about a three-in-one being three times the work. If anything, Joban makes beauty easier than some other women’s deodorants on the market. All you need to do is:

    1. Twist the nozzle to turn it on: Open the cap and twist to unlock and dispense the deodorant + concealer. When you see the arrow correspond with the “On” label, you know you’re ready to start!
    2. Dab and blend: Just spread a little of the formula on the underarm. Dab in a stippling motion to blend until the armpit is covered. Let it sit for a couple of minutes. For extra coverage, repeat.
    3. Dazzle; you’re ready to go!

Be a Joban Woman!

Don’t let armpit discolouration run your life. From cute sleeveless dresses to just putting your hands in the air like you just don’t care, you’ll surely have less cares with Joban by your side. 

Shop our inclusive product dedicated to making every woman feel a bit more beautiful.

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