Scratching the Itch: #5 Tips to Manage Sensitive Armpits

Scratching the Itch: #5 Tips to Manage Sensitive Armpits

For a bodily region that’s hidden from plain sight, the armpits sure know how to make their presence known. A hard day, a tough meeting or a late deadline, and our armpits can say, or smell, exactly what we’re going through! 

Deodorant can fix or at least moderate odor, but then there’s another issue that can affect armpits too - an itch! You can scratch all you want but the itch can return and make your days miserable. 

Fortunately, itching and all its accompanying armpit irritation such as soreness, redness and bumps can be treated or avoided with the right routine. So take notes and deliver yourself from the grips of an itch, once and for all. 


What Causes Sensitive & Itchy Armpits?

A scratchy, sore and sensitive armpit is typically the result of a pre-existing issue. If you’re constantly trying to soothe your underarms, then you’re likely experiencing the downline effects of another health concern. 

The causes are generally mild and easy to handle. In fact, armpit sensitivity will resolve itself once you address the underlying cause. 

But some triggers of sensitive armpits are more serious and you’ll need to chat with a doctor to uncover what’s really going on. 


Sensitive Armpit Triggers

  • Aging - As skin ages, it loses its ability to stay moist and hydrated in all areas including the armpit. That can result in sensitivity such as dryness and itching. 
  • Pollution - We live in a toxic world. We eat, drink and breathe in toxins that can affect our skin and lead to sensitivity anywhere on the body, including the armpits.  
  • Allergies/chemical sensitivities - Many of us are allergic to the artificial ingredients in deodorants, antiperspirants and body lotions. Many of which can cause significant skin irritation. 
  • Lack of sleep - Although there aren’t many direct correlations established here, research has shown that sleep-deprived individuals tend to suffer more from dry and itchy skin. 
  • Poor nutrition - Too much sugar and preservatives or deficiencies in vitamins A, E or omega-3s can lead to dry skin (and itching) along with rashes and scaliness. 
  • Acute and chronic health problems - Fungal and bacterial infections can cause itching or bumps in the armpit. Chronic conditions such as atopic dermatitis may cause ongoing itchiness and rashes. Life-threatening conditions such as diabetes or cancer can also cause armpit irritation. 
  • Poor or excessive shaving - Shaving weakens the lipid (fat) barrier of the epidermis (outermost layer of the skin). When this barrier is compromised, it is easier for chemicals and microorganisms to penetrate the skin and therefore cause irritation. 

  • Let’s be honest here - for many of us, two or more of these elements may be working against us. To resolve a case of sensitive armpits, this means addressing your entire health from the inside out. It may seem complicated but we have some pointers to help you out. 


    1. Eliminate Harsh Personal Care Products & Razors

    The first step to eliminating sensitive armpits is to eliminate the harsh grooming products that contribute to irritation. That means cutting back on razors with too many sharp blades and deodorants that are loaded with artificial compounds. 


    2. Establish a Moisturizing/Healing Skin Care Routine

    With strong chemicals and abrasive razors out of the way, you should start incorporating moisturizing and healing personal care products. Applying essential oils such as rose and lavender can revitalize the skin texture. Also, be sure to use moisturizing lotions that help restore the skin’s natural lipid layer so that it can filter out irritating substances.  


    3. Use a Natural Deodorant

    Once your cabinet is free of harsh deodorants, make sure to use a natural deodorant. That can be tricky if you don’t know what ingredients are considered artificial or natural, but we have a guide that will help you point them out. With that said, you can take solace knowing that our Joban Beauty deodorant contains a blend of natural ingredients including essential oils and non-toxic minerals. 


    4. Eat Well, Sleep More, Stress Less 

    Remember, your skin is a reflection of what’s happening within your body. So for starters, prioritize eating on a nutritious diet to prevent deficiencies that can cause skin irritation. Keep in mind too, that stress and sleep can affect the health of your skin, so you should get adequate shuteye and de-stress as much as possible. 


    5. Visit Your Doctor or Dermatologist

    If your armpit irritation is severe and persistent or accompanied by other symptoms, you should see a doctor. As we mentioned above, certain conditions can trigger armpit irritation, and they may require prompt medical attention to prevent further complications. 


    Ditch the Armpit Itch

    Sensitive armpits are a bummer. They can wreak havoc on your day and make you resort to uncomfortable or even embarrassing tactics to reduce the irritation. An itchy armpit can also be a sign of a more serious health condition that lurks beneath the surface. 

    Regardless of what’s causing your armpit itch, you can treat, reverse and prevent it so that life isn’t disrupted. Armpit irritation can lead to redness and discoloration. And while our concealing deodorant can cover discoloration, we at Joban Beauty are also advocates of health.

    Stuck with an itch you can’t scratch? Be sure to connect with us to stay in touch and learn more about how Joban Beauty is changing how we look at armpit health.

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